Creating your own title blocks

The anatomy of a title block

A title block can consist of the following:

Title Block Explanation
Title Block Explanation
Title Block Anatomy
Title Block Anatomy

Title block creation process

To create your own title block:

  • Insert title block zones onto a blank page.
  • Insert static text and static graphics.
  • Insert automatic text.
  • Insert user data (page or document scope).
  • Select and group all shapes together.
  • Select all and click menu Title Blocks | Create Title Block.
  • Type in a name and a prompt for your title block and click OK.

Inserting title block zones

The title block zones automatically setup and divide your page into location zones based on your settings in menu Document Options.

Title Block Zones
Title Block Zones

Inserting static text and graphics

Use drawing and text tools to create graphics and text or import an image. If necessary, group them and place them in the desired location on your title block.

Title Block Static
Title Block Static

Inserting automatic text

Electra provides a host of automatic shapes including pages, scales and editing dates that can be placed on your title blocks. Just drag and drop them onto your drawing from the Title Block stencil. Right click on them for more options and place them at your desired position.

Insert Automatic Text

Creating and inserting user data

To create User Data:

  • Draw a box and select it.
  • Click menu Title Blocks | Insert Title Block Data.
  • Type in a name for your User Data, e.g. Project or Page Author.
  • Type in the default value for the User Data.
  • Select Document scope for data that applies throughout the document or Page scope for data that applies for current page only.

The User Data rectangle is now ready to be used on your custom title block. Drag the handles of the rectangle to position and resize your user data.

Title Block Data

The create title block window

After selecting all shapes that make up your custom title block, group them together, the click on menu Title Blocks | Create Title Block. Type in a name and prompt for your custom title block, and click ok. Your new custom title block will now be saved and stored in a stencil of your choosing, ready to be used.

Create Title Block
Create Title Block

Using a custom title block

To use your custom title block:

  • Drag and drop your custom title block from stencil onto your drawing.

Your custom title block will automatically center on your drawing.

To edit and modify title blocks:

  • Right click on the title block and select Edit Title Block.
Edit Title Block

Editing the title block icon

An icon will be generated automatically when the title block is added to a stencil. Right click on the title block in the stencil and select Edit Icon to modify icons.

Fit the title block to page margin

To fit the title block to page margin.

  • Set the page margin section on the Page Setup.
  • Drop the Zones from Title block stencil into the page and it will fit automatically.
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